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Uk's NHS organisations take up Telematics Technology to drive cost reduction strategies

Cybit, the online Telematics Service Provider, has announced an increased take up of Fleetstar telematics from some of the UK's largest NHS authorities,

looking to drive efficiency savings in operational spend in line with Government targets. Organisations, including NHS Lothian, NHS Trust Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, NHS Fife Health Board and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, are all using Fleetstar to increase visibility of their fleets used for patient collection and the transportation of important medical test results.

Cybit offers dedicated Fleet Management functionality for NHS divisions. Detailed reporting allows these organisations to verify and confirm deliveries as well as reduce corporate risk for their mobile and lone worker employees.

"All public sector organisations need 100 percent visibility of their mobile assets, especially in the NHS, where there are so many vehicles on the road," commented Jim McIlroy, Transport Manager at NHS Fife. "Once you know where vehicles are and where they're going, you can begin to manage travelling costs. Telematics is an investment with a strong return and it really does increase the visibility of not just your vehicles, but also of some surprising costs that most people would never realise were there. Telematics is a perfect example of spend to save, which is why it should be at the top of public sector agendas."

Steve Towe, Director, Cybit: "Organisations across the Public Sector are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs, Fleetstar gives them the tools to drill down into their fleets to identify strategic cost savings. One of the primary means of lowering cost is to reduce fleet size – and many government and NHS organisations already using Fleetstar have been able to identify surplus vehicles. It is important to identify cost-saving options that do not affect services to citizens and Fleetstar delivers this strategic information to empower critical business decisions.

"The Public Sector division of Cybit has seen significant growth over the last two years, following its acquisition of Amatics. Fleetstar's modular design enables it to become completely tailored to the requirements of public sector bodies, which is why so many organisations have successfully migrated to the platform. The whole business has been able to solidify and grow, which makes Cybit a safe pair of hands for NHS and Government bodies to entrust their cost saving initiatives."

Fleetstar-Online is Cybit's industry leading, scalable suite of Internet-based Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and vehicle tracking tools. The high quality data relating vehicle and job performance is captured in conjunction with location information, reported and analysed through Fleetstar. This allows meaningful business decisions to be made using up to the minute information on operational performance.

Powerful reporting capabilities facilitate effective management of operational costs and productivity; support strategic initiatives around Carbon footprint; and increase compliance with legislation including Duty of Care and Health and Safety. The strategic importance of Fleetstar-generated information extends beyond vehicle tracking into the heart of the enterprise: Fleet derived information can be directly integrated into a range of business systems to improve the efficiency of the entire organisation. Fleetstar provides the business-critical information that organisations need to execute a clear and rapid path to return on investment.