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Enable new services with remote site monitoring and telecom management products

For service providers with remote equipment sites that deliver network services, and managed service offerings for equipment located within customer offices, physical conditions and equipment failures are some of the major causes of unplanned network downtime.

Administrators are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect these vital, yet vulnerable sites. However, acquiring more devices, more complexity or more single capability solutions is not the answer.

Bridging the gap between diverse remote equipment sites and the central NOC, by providing visibility through remote monitoring, access, control and security within a cohesive platform is required.

Asentria provides real-time visibility, secure access, and desktop control of remote equipment sites. Environmental extremes, equipment failures, and power loss threaten communication networks, yet many of these critical factors reside outside the scope of a centralized network management system.

Asentria delivers a single unifying platform to enable remote equipment sites and network management to be simplified, consolidated, more reliable, and more cost-effective. With proactive remote site monitoring, access and control, service providers are able to run their critical networks more efficiently, while lowering their operational costs.

From a business standpoint, managed service providers, service bureaus and network operators are under continuous pressure to optimise operational expenses and to improve profitability. Significant areas that can benefit from efficiency gains include network field operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning – reducing “truck rolls” for field technicians and ensuring maximum uptime for customers. Combining business requirements and new technical capabilities enables an integrated and unified remote site monitoring strategy.


Elements Directly Affected

* Power monitoring and cycling – monitoring power distribution, battery backup systems, etc.
* Equipment monitoring – all legacy, non-networked and SNMP-based equipment
* Environmental monitoring – fire, security alarms, door locking mechanisms, surveillance systems, etc.
* Remote access – providing secure remote access via wireless, DSL and other “out-of-band” access methods.

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