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The Internet of everything

Around the world,  city, councils, states and  governments, as well as manufacturers and other public-sector organisations, are leading the way in bringing the Internet of Everything to life (whether you want it or not ).

A Typical Family Home Could Contain More Than 500 Smart Devices by 2022 with smart homes to offer numerous innovative digital business opportunities.


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Glasgow Games and Football Matches Streamed in UHD

Three World Cup football matches played in Brazil this summer were streamed in ultra high-definition (UHD) by the BBC.  The format, also known as 4K, offers four times the resolution of 1080p high definition video. The matches  including the final  marked one of the first times a live event has been streamed over the air in UHD in the UK.

It is hoped that this will pave the way for more widespread use of the technology. One of the biggest challenges of distributing UHD TV to the home is how to make it compatible with existing broadcast and broadband capacities.

Users need speeds of around 20Mbps (megabits per second) in order to watch 4K content without glitches. The next step  will be a trial of live broadcasting over 4G, Ultra HD and 3D audio and will be seen as part of a BBC R&D showcase in Glasgow, timed to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, which is being staged in the city.


BBC 4G streaming commenwealth games in Glasgow

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Are we getting too APPy

Are we getting too APPy

We have all been able to use VPN’s to control our heating or firing up the BBQ from 1000s of miles away and we haven’t left the sofa to change the channel for years. We reach for the remote.

Many a smart home has a hub to control lights music if you like mood changers ?

How about smart light bulbs? I don’t mean remote light systems with dimmers etc. GE ( General Electric ) has revealed a brand-new LED light bulb that can connect to the Web shortly after you've twisted it into an available socket. Dubbed the Link, the $15 ( £9 ) light bulb will be controllable by a companion appn for iOS and Android — "Wink."


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Harden your keyboard for battle! METALCAPS

 Tt eSPORTS, a company providing professional e-Sports gaming peripherals is releasing the new METALCAPS keyboard accessory. This is to come to the aid of the mechanical keyboard community, who suffer from damaged keys due to enthusiasm or maybe anger when playing games. These  METALCAPS will be on store shelves and on premium e-tailer websites to offer users a convenient way to modify their mechanical keyboards. The keys are made with a Zinc alloy for overall durability and a solid feel while typing.

The sports metal caps will come in four varieties, as follows, as a none player I presume thses keys are the commen “Hot keys” and suffer the most:

$11.      W A S D + Esc key

$12.      Q W E R + Esc key

$13.      ↑↓←→ + Esc key

$14.      38 keys combination (all letters, punctiation, ↑↓←→, and Esc key)

Tt eSPORTS METALCAPS will fit with on Tt eSPORTS WEB Certified Mechanical switchesCherry MX switches with cross shaped stems

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What is the difference between LED, LCD and HD European Reseller explains to its dealers

With new technologies emerging so rapidly these days sometimes – even for those with their ear firmly to the ground – it’s difficult to remember what’s what.

So, European reseller / European dealer offers reminder of what lies behind some of those acronyms and phrases:- in monitors LED, LCD and HD.

LED – This stands for Light Emitting Diodes. When these are used to backlight a screen rather than the fluorescent lights used in traditional LCD technology, it gives designers the scope to create even slimmer and stylish screens than before. The LEDs can be positioned behind the entre panel or around the rim of the screen. There are other major advantages too; LED screens offer superb picture quality, but with less energy consumption than LCD or Plasma TV screens.

LCD – Or Liquid Crystal Display. Inside these screens, liquid crystals are used to produce bright and vivid pictures. These are sandwiched between layers of glass or plastic and become opaque when electricity is passed through – creating each pixel of colour. Screens can use both LCD and LED technology.TVSonyX9005B-lifestyle

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