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DENSO hand held

Thanks to a modular system, the new DENSO hand-held terminal BHT-700 adapts to changing business processes.
Designed for commerce and logistics, DENSO’s modular BHT-700 is a hand-held terminal which grows as the demands placed on it grow. Based on current standards, it supports technologies just coming onto the market. “Along with standard functionalities such as batch, WLAN, GPRS or Bluetooth, the open hardware platform lets you migrate to new technologies without having to change the main device,“ explains Luc Stals, Head of Sales EMEA at Toyota Tsusho ID Systems, also responsible for the launch of the new BHT-700.

A Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) comes as standard on the modular BHT-700 which allows users to establish a stream of serial data within a set limit. This UART is made to both send and receive data. The BHT-700 also includes a USB host interface and a Micro SD interface to hold a Micro SD memory card. Some of the hand-held terminal’s other highlights: a high-performance CPU (PXA270 624MHz), a high-contrast display with fast-loading graphics, speech recognition, user-friendly design, a sturdy housing which can withstand drops of up to 1.2m and an extensive array of accessories. Particularly noteworthy are the side keys; free to configure these keys themselves, users enjoy added ergonomics and user-friendliness

The modular system on the BHT-700 also allows users to integrate emerging technologies they will need. Thanks to the open hardware platform, users can easily integrate today’s and tomorrow’s technologies such as UMTS, FID, WiMax and GPS.

Of course UMTS may only have a short future ahead of it – mobile network operators are already working on next generation mobile networks (NGMN), also known simply as ‘4G’. So with this new modular system, DENSO is ready for whatever else the operators have up their sleeves.

LXE International

Warehouse Realities

Bar code scanning has made data collection fast and accurate but sometimes operators aren't provided the right tools for the job -- and that can reduce productivity gains that might otherwise be realized. Many warehouse tasks require an operator to physically handle products.

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MX8 in use

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Partner Programme for Independent Software Vendors

Zebra Technologies have announced the launch of its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Programme, designed to foster stronger and more innovative partnerships between Zebra and the ISV partner community.

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M3 Handheld Europe

Handheld Europe launches the new M3 eTicket at the Mena Public Transport Congress and Showcase in Dubai

Applications include  payment transactions and ticket validations in the public transport sector.

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M3 eTicket

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Hands free scanning improving operator efficiencies

The involvement and contribution of the workforce in production and warehousing operations is both demanding and crucial to the success of the business, and as direct labour, one of the highest cost factors.

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