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Smart Machines Require Ethical Programming

CIOs Must Act Now to Ensure artificial intelligenceSmart Machines Behave Ethically


EDM says CIOs must start considering how to develop ethical programming for smart machines, (artificial intelligence) according to Gartner.

European Dealer says, realising the potential of smart machines, and ensuring successful outcomes for the businesses that rely on them will depend on how trusted these machines are and how well they maintain that trust. CIOs must be able to monitor smart machine technology for unintended consequences of public use and respond immediately, embracing unforeseen positive outcomes and countering undesirable ones."

"Clearly, people must trust smart machines if they are to accept and use them," said Frank Buytendijk, research vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "The ability to earn trust must be part of any plan to implement artificial intelligence (AI) or smart machines, and will be an important selling point when marketing this technology.  

To ensure that smart machines behave ethically and deserve our trust in the future, CIOs must prepare for ethical discussion and programming.

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Oracle ‘Crack the Lock’ CEO Step Down

Deputy Mayor of London demands more competition for Oracle, to ‘crack the lock’ it has over the Government

Kit Malthouse, the deputy mayor for London, gave a startling speech about Oracle on Wednesday and has called for companies to help release the hold Oracle has on Government organisations, especially with the on-going issues surrounding its inflexibility over license renewal.

He blasted the company and appealed to the crowd to help him “take Oracle down," Talking at the Big Data Breakfast in London, Malthouse claimed to have been “screwed” by Oracle during his time as chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA). This received rousing laughter from the hundred or so people in the room. Most of whom appeared to agree with the sentiment. 

kit Malthouse  thumbsdown400  lARRY Ellison oracle400

London Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise, Kit Malthouse and Laurance (Larry) Ellison

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Apple buys WiFiSLAM for Maps

Apple buys indoor location-services startup WiFiSLAM for acces to their Maps

- Apple Inc., whose mapping software has been criticized for misguided directions and inaccurate landmark, bought startup WiFiSLAM to add location-identifying technology for when a user is inside a building.

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OKI Europe’s celebrates 30 years

OKI Europe Ltd is celebrating three decades of innovation in the EMEA printer market, including the ground-breaking launch of Europe’s first LED printer in 1989 and several more ‘industry firsts’. Looking to the future, the company has pledged to continue their strategy of customer-led innovation, driven by a strong network of European staff and channel partners.

Today, the global operates in 60 countries within EMEA and has offices in 23 European countries. The first office in the region was established in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1984. OKI Europe went on to pioneer many industry firsts, building a strong reputation for quality and market changing technology.

This significant anniversary was celebrated by OKI employees from across the EMEA region who came together in Athens Greece to mark this historic occasion.  Staff had the opportunity to relive the past 30 years of technology innovations from OKI’s first printers to the latest launches.


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Avnet on buying spree again

During the first quarter of fiscal year 2011, Avnet Inc. achieved its first $6 billion quarter and more than doubled earnings per share year over year.

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